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RIG Personal training

What is RIG Personalized Training?

 RIG stands for Random Individualized Group Personal Training.


Developed 12 years ago by owner Bryan Nichols, this program combines the Personalized attention of Personal Training with the affordability of group fitness. 

How it works:

1 - Random Group of 1-4 clients per session. Meaning there could be 1, 2, 3 or 4 clients being personally trained at one time with 1 trainer. If only 1 client schedules for that session time, then the rate is still the same.

2 - Each client is being trained individually receiving a personalized workout. This is a big difference from RIG Group Personal Training and other group training programs such as Orange Theory, CrossFit, Bootcamp, where everyone is doing the same workout routine at the same time. 


3 - We utilize cloud-based training and appointment software to prepare, update and execute each training session for each client. Results come from progression.

4 - A web/app scheduler manages all appointments making certain there no more than 4 clients at each session.

5 - Training session rates are offered at 1/2 the cost of one-on-one. Available sessions are 1 hour or 30 minutes.

6 - Training sessions are available from Monday - Friday 6am - 8pm and Saturdays 8am-1pm.

7 - Workouts are designed around the client's goals using a selection of training modalities such as Circuit Training,

Olympic lifting, Physical Therapy, CrossFit, Bootcamp, HIIT training, etc. This will yield greater physical fitness in your body - guaranteed. 

For information on rates contact us to give you an assessment of your goals and needs. 

Affordable Personal training in Alpharetta

Book Your complementary 

Personal Training Session

We book personal training sessions through the MindBody app. Please use the calendar to schedule your free personal training session or call 470-839-6550.

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