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Bryan Nichols

Owner of RevvFitness

Fitness Trainer and Coach for 32 years, Bryan' s knowledge and passion will create positive changes in your health and fitness.

Bryan opened his 1st personal training studio in Florida in 1994. Later on, he expanded the facility to be a health club which was subsequently sold in 2001. In 2003 he opened another training studio to later add a 24-hour fitness center and CrossFit to the existing facility offerings. The gym was sold in 2016.

After relocating to Alpharetta, GA he decided to open RevvFitness with a focus on regaining metabolism through progressive weight training. 

Our goal at RevvFitness is to stop and reverse the symptoms of aging.  Our program increases human potential whether you are a D1 athlete or an 80-year-old suffering from aging. 


  - ACE Certified Personal Trainer      - USAW Peformance Coach  

  - USA PowerLifting                             - CrossFit Level 1

  - STOTT Pilates                                   - CrossFit Olympic Lifting

  - CrossFit Mobility                              - CrossFit Kettlebell


Discover the revvfitness difference

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