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"Live" Online


Personal Training



We work with you in the privacy of your home gym..LIVE 

Workout where you want - when you want

Using Zoom Video App we train you toward achieving your fitness goals on your schedule at your home. We will design your personal workouts based on your goals and needs. Teaching and correcting form and technique. Whether you are just starting a fitness program or need help improve Olympic Lifting technique, this is just like working with a trainer at a gym.

You will receive expert instruction and accountability from Bryan Nichols, a Certified Personal Trainer with over 25 years of training experience.

This is our premium online training program that provides Knowledge, Intensity and Accountability

What's Included in Your "Live" Personal Training Program:

  • "Live" 1-on-1 Personalized Workouts

  • Meal Prep Guide

  • Nutrition Program

  • Supplement Guidance

  • Email/Text Support

What you will need for your workout:

Smart phone, Ipad, laptop

Tripod or antigravity phone case to hold your phone

Wireless headphones

Equipment like dumbbells, barbells, & cardio equipment if available

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