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STRIP Your Pounds and Win $5,000.00 

STRIP (Spare Tire Reduction Incentive Program)



Despair no more!  Help is on the way.  Regardless of how much Body Fat you need to lose, this event could be just what you’ve waited for to give you the needed boost of motivation. If you possess a little of the good old competitive spirit, this unique event is not only destined for success in the weight loss game, but also you could be the WINNER of $5,000.00. 

WHO:    Anyone and everyone who wants to strip off their Body Fat. 

               Use whatever method of Nutrition, Exercise you choose.

What:    You have 12 consecutive weeks to lose as much body fat as you can.

               Competition starts January 8, 2020. You have 2 weeks to join making

               January 22, 2020 last day to start.  Competition ends 12 weeks after your start date.  


Cost:     $50.00.  Fee is paid to RevvFitness who then will use to gift to Contest Winners.


Prize:    $5,000.00 to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners who lose the greatest amount of

              body fat in a 12 week period.


Why:     It’s fun, it’s healthy and it works! * A final celebration party will be held

              Saturday, April 18, 2020 at 7:00 pm at RevvFitness for all STRIP participants.  

              Be there for prizes, free food and more fun!



All individual body fat measurements will be strictly confidential. Each participant has the option of using skinfold calipers or Bioimpedance to measure his/her bodyfat.  Program hosted by RevvFitness Personal Training.  Call 470-839-6550 for details or visit

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